I. Importance of ASEAN to the Lao PDR
II. State of global affairs in 2024
III. Theme of the Lao PDR’s ASEAN Chairmanship
IV. Possible priority areas for 2024

Importance of ASEAN to the Lao PDR

  • Lao PDR’s foreign policy – peace, independence, friendship
    and cooperation.
  • Peace, stability, and regionalism/multilateralism-foundation
    for socio-economic development and prosperity.
  • Lao PDR’s accession to ASEAN on 23 July 1997;
  • Lao PDR’s previous ASEAN chairmanships: 2004-2005
    and 2016.
  • Next ASEAN chairmanship in 2024.

State of Global Affairs in 2024

  • Growing competition between major powers.
  • Situations in Europe, Middle East, South China Sea, Korean
  • Peninsula and in Myanmar.
  • Traditional and non-traditional security issues and other challenges, including climate change and natural disasters.
  • Lingering economic and financial difficulties.
  • Gradual global economic recovery, but still fragile.
  • Many economies are still addressing issues related to the supply chain disruption and boosting trade, investment, tourism as well as people-to-people linkage.

Theme of the Lao PDR’s ASEAN Chairmanship
“ASEAN: Enhancing Connectivity and Resilience”


  • Crucial role of connectivity in supporting an integrated
  • ASEAN Community building process.
  • Master Plan on ASEAN Connectivity 2025.
  • Transforming from a land-locked to land-linked country and connectivity hub.
  • Promote people-to-people exchange “Visit Laos Year 2024”.


  • Resilience amidst current fast-changing, complex and unpredictable geo-political and geo-economic landscapes as well as other multi-dimensional challenges.
  • Enhancing resilience to promote ASEAN centrality and keep ASEAN relevant.
  • Cooperation is key to build resilience to overcome challenges, and maintain and peace, stability and development.

Possible Priority Areas for 2024
Possible priority areas are centred around 2 components:
“enhancing connectivity” and “enhancing resilience”

• Enhancing Connectivity: 4 Areas
1. Integrating and connecting economies.
2. Forging an inclusive and sustainable future.
3. Transforming for the digital future.
4. Culture and arts: promoting the role of ASEAN culture and the arts for inclusion and sustainability.

Possible Priority Areas for 2024 (cont.)

Enhancing Resilience: 5 Areas

  1. The development of strategic plans to implement the ASEAN Community Vision 2045.
  2. Promoting ASEAN centrality.
  3. Promoting environmental cooperation.
  4. Women and children.
  5. Health.